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CYLAND works with sound separately and as an element of artworks in various genres — installations, objects and performances. Starting from the first exhibition projects, the laboratory faced the challenge of presenting “pure” sound in exhibition venues along with other more “material” contemporary art works. Media players, directional sound sources, lounges for listening to works — the laboratory went through all of these stages in just over a decade.

At the same time, there was discussion about creating an archive for the classification and preservation of sound art. The result was the CYLAND Audio Archive (CAA), launched in 2013. The project is curated by Sergey Komarov.



Nikita Tsymbal & Dmitry Polikarpov, ICE XIX, CYFEST-14, HayArt Cultural Center, Yerevan, Armenia, 2022. Photograph by Anton Khlabov.

Among the artists who have participated in the project are: Hans Tammen (USA), Kurvenschreiber (Russia), dropouT (Russia), Don Slepian (USA), Mark Hannesson (Canada), Quiet Zone (International), Laurie Spiegel (USA), Nick Edwards (UK), Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov (Russia), Alex Pleninger (Russia), Peter Vogel (Germany), Art Electronix (Ukraine), Pete Um (UK), Jonáš Gruska (Slovakia), Yoshio Machida (Japan), Anthony Bisset (USA), Vasily Stepanov (Russia), Sashash Ulz (Russia), Georgy Bagdasarov (Earth), Max Kuiper (Austria), Thorsten Soltau (Germany), Akira Rabelais (USA), Todd Barton (USA), Zimoun (Switzerland), Alexey Grachev (Russia), ZOV (Olga Kokcharova, Gianluca Ruggeri; Switzerland), Bred Blondie (Russia), A. Nigh Herndon (USA–Mexico), Rumore Bianco (Italy), Esther & Nikolaj Søndergaard (Denmark), Nikita Bugaev (Russia), Glia (Jonathan Ntuk; USA), Ilya Belorukov (Russia), Elena Filatova (Russia), Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (India), Ruslan Usipov (Russia), Stas Shariffulin (Russia), Luke Lund (Finland), Roman Golovko (Russia), Nao Nishihara (Japan), Sam Conran (UK), Monica Vlad (Austria), Sergey Kostyrko (Russia), Makiko Yamamoto (Japan), Alan Margolis (USA).







Alexander Bochkov (Russia–Armenia)

Gray Cake (Alexander Serechenko, Katya Pryanik) (Russia) 

Luca Forcucci (Italy–Switzerland)

Alexey Grachev (Russia–Armenia)

Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada–USA)

Hayk Karoyi (Armenia)

Sergey Komarov (Russia–Armenia)

Phill Niblock (USA)

Dmitry Polikarpov (Russia)

Alexander Serechenko (Russia)

Anton Shchegolev (Russia–Armenia)

Nikita Tsymbal (Russia)

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Avrorin-Galkina-Dmitirev-Lis (Russia) Nikita Bugaev (Russia)
Monica Vlad (Romania)
Sam Conran (UK)
Sergey Kostyrko (Russia)
Laptop Orchestra
under the baton of Andrey Bundin (Russia)

Vladimir Rannev (Russia)
Boris Shershenkov (Russia)
Ruslan Usipov (Russia)

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Andrey Bartenev, Patrick K.-H., Oleg Makarov, Larisa Aleksandrova (Russia) 

Roman Ermakov, Ivan Onoprienko (Russia) 

Hybrid Performance (Russia)

Pink Twins (Finland)

Fernando Velazquez (Brasil)

Alex Pleninger (Russia) 

Kurvenschreiber (Russia)

::vtol:: (Russia)


Laurie Spiegel (USA)

Nick Edwards (UK) 

Don Slepian (USA) 

Mark Hannesson (Canada)

Alex Pleninger (Russia) (Russia)

top-40 (Russia)

Motor (Russia)

dropouT (Russia)

Hans Tammen (USA)

Kurvenschreiber (Russia)

::vtol:: (Russia)

Paul Amlehn (New Zealand)

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TineSurelLange_Arctic Creatures_Repparfjord_Photo by Tine Surel Lange.JPG




Alexey Grachev (Russia)

Anastasia Koroleva (Russia)

Tine Surel Lange (Norway)

Anne-Sarah Le Meur (France)

Kumiko Omura (Japan–Germany)

Victor Pedersen (Norway)

Alex Pleninger (Russia)

Boris Shershenkov (Russia)

Dmitry Shishov (Russia)

Andrey Strokov (Russia)

Hans Tammen (USA)

Curated by Sergey Komarov and Karolin Tampere

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Nikita Bugaev (Russia)

Alexey Grachev (Russia)

Mia Zabelka (Austria)

Chatschatur Kanajan (Germany)

Sergey Komarov (Russia)

Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada)

Al Margolis (USA)

Dmitry Morozov aka ::vtol:: (Russia)

Phill Niblock (USA)

Nazar Rakhmanov (Russia)

Eduard Rakhmanov (Russia)

St. Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra (Russia)

Anastasia Tolchneva (Russia)

Dmitry Shubin (Russia)

Bred Blondie (Russia)

Brinstaar (Russia)

Meow Moon (Russia)

S A D (Russia)

Solo Operator (Russia)

Wolffflow (Russia)

Alexey Grachev (Russia)

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Girilal Baars (Sweden)
Félicien Goguey & Yann Longchamp (France/Switzerland)
Alexey Grachev (Russia)
Vassily K (Russia)
Ensemble kYmatic (Russia)
KMPST (Russia)
Kurt Liedwart (Russia)
David Rosenboom (USA)
Wouter Van Veldhoven (Netherlands)
Ilia Belorukov (Russia) 
Kazu Yanagi (Japan)

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cyberfest day 2_0775.jpg



Nick Edwards (UK)

Peter Vogel (Germany)

Hans Tammen (USA)

::vtol:: (Russia)

Vlad Dobrovolski (Russia)

Art Electronix (Ukraine)

Pete Um (UK)

Jonas Gruska (Czech Republic)

Yoshio Machada (Japan)

Vasily Stepanov (Russia)

Curated by Sergey Komarov and Vlad Dobrovolski

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